5 Things You Should Never Throw Away: Simple Reuses for Household Items

You may have heard the term “reduce, reuse, recycle,” but did you know that many items around your home can be repurposed for uses you never thought possible? Repurposing everyday items not only stretches your budget further, it reduces clutter. Visit our new website for five of our favorite clever reuses for things around your home, including Netflix envelopes!


  1. I would not use coffee grounds in the shower. I think they would clog the drain eventually.

  2. Vinegar. It's one of my favorite cleaning products. I add a little to each dishwashing load (it gets rid of that cloudy film on glasses and is way cheaper than Jet Dry), and I always add some to my laundry cycles, too. It extends the life of my fabric softener. It also works great to get rid of that nasty smell when you leave clothes in the washer too long. Just run the cycle again, this time adding a little vinegar. The clothes will come out smelling great!


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