Top Ten Household Uses for Vinegar

Check out my guest post on today's blog at one of my favorite sites, It's on the Top Ten Household Uses for Vinegar. If you're impressed by all the amazing things this versatile liquid can do, make sure to also check out my Top Ten Household Uses for Aluminum Foil! Enjoy, and let me know your unique uses in the comments section below!

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden Naturally & Effectively

In spring, nothing's more fun than watching your plants come up and flowers bloom...and nothing's worse than watching them get destroyed by pests. We know of some natural, inexpensive ways you can keep ants, aphids, deer, raccoons, and other pests out of your garden--so your petals and leaves can stay intact. Visit our new website for ways to keep pests out of your garden!

Tip of the Week: A Surprising Crayon Remover

To remove crayon marks from wood, rub mayonnaise over the area and leave on for 10 minutes, then easily wipe off.

Tip of the Week: Power Shower Spray!

Don't spend money on those expensive daily shower sprays. All you need to keep mildew out of your shower is a mixture of one part vinegar and 10 parts water in an empty spray bottle! Bonus: You don’t have to worry about a toxic cleaner hitting the baby’s bath toys.

Tip of the Week: Got Greasy Wallpaper?

This week's tip is a quick and easy fix: To remove grease stains from wallpaper, place a brown paper bag over the stain and press with a warm iron. The grease will transfer to the bag.

The Most Efficient Way to Pack a Carry-On Bag

With more and more airlines charging fees for checking baggage, knowing how to get as much stuff as possible into a carry-on bag is more important than ever! Check out this great slideshow from the New York Times, where a flight attendant shares her secrets for packing 10 days worth of clothes (and a clutch!) in one small carry-on bag.

All-Natural Beauty Night: Make Your Own Face Masks, Toner, and More

One of my favorite parts of gathering household tips is finding all-natural solutions for skincare and beauty products--which is great, because Bruce doesn't really know the difference between eyeliner and mascara (don't let his HSN presentations fool you--he had to ask me what pressed powder was when we bought it for his demonstration). That's why I'm so excited to be having some of my best friends over tomorrow night for an all-natural beauty evening. Bruce and the boys are off to a movie, and we'll be making an exfoliater, toner, face masks, and moisturizer, all from natural ingredients I have at home.

Visit our new website for face masks, toner, and other beauty products you can make at home!

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