How Much Cash Back Does Your Bank Offer?

There's a great article in today's NY Times about online cash-back programs. They mention Fatwallet (I won't say "told ya so") and Ebate, but the really interesting part is their excellent overview on cash-back rewards programs offered by different banks and credit card companies. If you have a card with Chase, Citibank, Capital One, Discover, or American Express (yep, that's pretty much all of 'em), you can get money put directly into your checking account just for connecting to websites through their portal. (Basically, you visit their site first, then click on the link to, say, Amazonto get the reward.)

Incidentally, if you've never checked out the Times' archives on personal finance, you're missing out. They have the most informative article on credit scores I've ever read, and another one explaining which "free credit score" sites you can trust and why. And if you're feeling bad about your personal debt, check out their interactive feature that lets you compare your debt to the rest of the country' (25 percent of families owe between $100,000 and $320,000! .

Tips to Make Thanksgiving Easier!

I simply can't believe Thanksgiving is only three days away! I'm not sure how the time got away from me (but it always does). If you're hosting the big day at your house like we are, we have some great tips to make it easier for you!

Visit our new website for tips on how to cook a turkey, Thanksgiving decorations, and more!

"You can't use ALL those coupons at once!"

Over at Freebies4mom, Heather has a great post about what to do if your coupons get rejected. If you've ever walked into a grocery store worried about having too MANY coupons, you have to check this out.

Must-Visit Site of the Week:

No matter how hard we try, we always end up eating out way more than we'd like. It's easier to not feel bad about it when we go to a restaurant where the kids eat free. To find a bunch in your area, visit Enter your zip code and you'll find deals from chain restaurants and local joints alike, and they even have apps for iphones and blackberrys in case you need it on-the-go.

The only downside to this site is that you have to search by day of the week (there doesn't seem to be a "search all" option), but a restaurant that offers deals for kids also usually offers frugal prices for adult entrees, so this site could potentially save you hundreds (or if you're as bad as us, thousands) per year. Bon appetit!

Five Easy Ways to Save on Groceries

One of the questions we get asked the most is, "How do I save more money on groceries?"  Visit our new website for 5 easy ways to save hundreds of dollars on groceries each year.

The Best Free Online Courses for Resumes, Math Skills, How-Tos, Crazy-Smart People, and More

Reading a recent post over at Susan Heim on Partenting about the benefits of an online education for moms got me thinking that I should post some of the great, FREE online courses we have found while researching our books. The post on Susan's site focused more on online degrees, but I'm of the mind that it's not worth it to pay for classes unless you really think that degree could advance your career. There are several quality online programs that will teach you a lot and not charge you a cent.

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Must-Visit Site of the Week:

While Oriental Trading may not have the most PC name, it does have fantastic deals on crafts, decorations, and large quantities of toys. If you're having a kids party, this is the must-visit site for goodie bags. For example, $25 for 50 glow bracelets, $8 for 72 sticky lizards, $9 for 48 yo-yos with snowflakes printed on them, and more.

Oriental Trading also has tons of fun decorations, and today, of course, begins their sale on Halloween decorations, so act fast if you want a cheap head on a platter for next year. Check their sale section for more deals on decorations for birthdays, baby showers, and more.

Right now, the site is running a contest to win $500 in Oriental Trading gift cards. You can enter every day, so check back frequently! They are also offering a FREE subscription to Martha Stewart Living (or an extension if you already subscribe) and free shipping if you spend $50. Not a bad deal!
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