Tip of the Week: New Year's Eve Trick

If your champagne has lost its fizz, place a raisin in the glass. The last bits of carbon dioxide that remain will cling to the raisin, then be released again as bubbles. You can also try throwing a few raisins into the bottle before you make the final pour.

Tip of the Week: Free Car Air Freshener

We love this tip for the winter months, when it's too cold to roll down the windows in our mini van, and since we hate to throw anything away it's even better! To make a free air freshener for your car, break old, scented candles into several pieces and place in a clean sock, then knot shut. Place the sock under the seat of your car and you'll be greeted with that lovely scent from your favorite used-up candle every time you open the door!

Don't Pay for Wrapping Paper! Frugal Holiday Wrapping Ideas

Gift-giving is already expensive, so why add the cost of wrapping presents when you can use materials from around the house for free? These options not only save you money, they make the gift more personal and creative. Visit our new website for our favorite ideas for wrapping gifts this holiday season.

Tip of the Week: Making Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Keep your Christmas tree fresher for longer by simply adding 1 teaspoon of sugar every time you water it!
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