Cheap and FREE ways to learn to play guitar

Luis, one of our sons' best friends, has decided he wants to be a guitar player. Unfortunately, he refuses to practice! "He knows the basic how-tos," his mom Lupe told me, "but I feel like I'm throwing money away to pay for lessons, when getting him to practice is always a fight." This got me wondering about low-cost alternatives to expensive music lessons.

Visit our new website to learn about cheap and free ways to learn how to play the guitar.

Why We Love Meijer!

Every time we visit our friends Lora and Bill in Illinois, we have to take a trip to Meijer! If you live in IL, IN, MI, KY, or OH, you probably already shop at this superstore, which somehow manages to often have prices lower than Walmart.

But even if you don't live in the Midwest (or have a Lora and Bill to visit), you can visit Meijer's website, which has practically everything you could ever want to purchase--sporting equipment, furniture, toys, electronics, pet supplies, drug store items, and more. The best part of the site is their bulk grocery section--if you don't belong to a Sam's Club or Costo-type wholesale club, find your savings here!

Meijer already has ridiculously low prices, but if you sign up at and click thru to, you'll get 2% of your purchase back. That's an even better deal than shopping in person!
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