How to Make Crispy Salads!

Since my post about how to make fluffy pancakes is so popular, I thought you'd also appreciate a post on how to make perfect, crispy salads! Like fluffy pancakes, crispy salads can often be elusive, so we've compiled tips to help keep the crunch in your lettuce and other veggies. Visit our new website for tips on how to keep your salad fresh and crispy!

Five Tips for Healthy, Beautiful Fingernails (and Toenails, Too!)

Although I love my three boys more than anything, sometimes I do wish I had a girl whose fingernails I could paint. So since no one in my immediate family is going to be putting on nail polish anytime soon, I thought I'd share my favorite nail-care tips from our Who Knew? books with you!

Tip of the Week: Why We Love Toothpaste

A white, pasty toothpaste (not a gel) like original Colgate should be a part of everyone’s medicine cabinet - and not just for clean teeth. This kind of toothpaste can be used to clear up pimples and even as a salve for burns. Simply dab a small amount onto affected areas and leave overnight.

How to Save Money on Gas

If you feel like your kids' personal chauffeur, you also know how expensive gas can be. We always tell people to check out before they fill up, which will tell you what local gas stations have the cheapest prices--and you may be surprised at the results. But even if you're getting the cheapest unleaded available, it sure can go fast! Luckily, there are a few simple ways than can help you use less gas. Visit our new website for some great tips on how to save money on gas.

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