Sample New Proctor & Gamble Products

One piece of advice we always give our readers is to set up a separate email account for freebies. (It's also great to give out at stores and anywhere else you think might send you a lot of mail you don't want or sell your address.) The Proctor & Gamble newsletter, however, I get straight to my "real" inbox. It reminds me to collect my P&G freebies, it's a must-have coupon source for everything from fabric softener to cat food, and it also has some fun tips and tricks--and you know what household tip junkie I am! This month's free sample is for Oil of Olay bodywash. I'm hoping this one arrives before my other body wash samples run out! Maybe I'm just crazy, but I always feel better using a sample than something I paid for. Or maybe I just love saving that much....Click here to sign up for the newsletter and get their body wash sample, and enjoy!

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