Natural Gardening Tips: Plant These Plants to Repel Bugs, Fertilize the Soil, and More

Planting a garden takes enough time and energy as it is, but you can make maintaining it a little easier by planting plants that repel bugs, fertilize your soil, and attract insects that will pollinate your plants. Make your garden work for you with these super-powered plants!

Plant savory and chamomile throughout your garden--they’ll attract the "good" kinds of insects that will help pollinate your plants.

Planting mint and nasturtiums will repel white flies and aphids.

French marigolds have a strong odor that helps bewilder insects in search of their preferred eating plant. Plant these beautiful flowers around your garden!

Planting garlic throughout your garden will help keep away beetles and aphids.

Like the flavor of basil? Basil adds to the flavor of other plants growing near it, so plant near tomatoes or other fruits or veggies like squash.

Fertilize your garden for free by planting clover, which will help repair the soil while also providing a nice green carpeting.

If you're looking for other ideas for what to plant in your garden, check out, where you can find lists of flowers, shrubs, trees, vines, and grasses that are native to your area. This means they’ll not only be less expensive to buy, they’ll also hold up well in your garden.

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