Six Easy Air Fresheners You Can Make at Home Right Now

If there's anything we've learned in our past two decades of collecting household tips it's that people stink. Or, at least, our rugs, bathrooms, closets, clothes, basements, cars, kitchens, shoes, and kids do. But before you start pondering whether you want to buy something that plugs in, lights up, fans out, has sticks, or costs more than your dinner, try out our simple air fresheners instead. Chances are, you'll already have the materials you need around the house, so getting rid of funky scents doesn't have to cost a cent! (Sorry, we couldn't resist)

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  1. Great ideas that everyone can use. I especially like "recycling" the orange peels and flower petals.

  2. Putting cinnamon sticks in boiling water can also help get rid of the smell.

  3. The "recycling" the orange peel really does work good!

  4. How do you get rid of invisible carpet bugs that bites you in the leg andyour body?

    1. Salt or baking soda will dry out bugs. You should vacuum the carpet after a short period of sprinkling salt in the carpet. Try to use a steam cleaner too. Maybe even a steam clean vacuum rock will do. By applying hot steam you can kill bedbugs and other bugs. Alcohol kills bedbugs too but you may not want to spray everything with alcohol. You can mix alcohol with water and essentail oils that are toxic to fleas and othr bugs. Try spraying that mix on problem carpet areas, add salt, let dry then steam vacuum. Good luck!


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