Spending Less on Make-Up: Easy Ways to Save on Cosmetics and Make Them Last Longer

Make-up is one the most expensive household items you buy -- in fact, most women spend an average of $84 a month on cosmetics.

If you're trying to rein in your make-up budget, we can help! Visit our new website for easy ways to cut back on your spending and make your make-up last longer.


  1. Its wonderful that you offer tips on how to extend the life of cosmetics but please be careful when offering this advice that it doesn't pose a health risk. For example, mascara starts to feel "old" and get clumpy around 3 months from opening which is also the life of the mascara. Because of the nature of the product and that its in an airtight container it is the perfect spot for the bacteria from our eyes to then grow and can cause infection. Cosmetics and skin care have expiration dates printed on them if they contain OTC meds and if not, 3 years from producdtion is the max shelf life- Something your viewers should keep in mind to truly save them time and money.

  2. Don't spend money on lip gloss or balms. It's cheaper to just make your own. If you prefer shea butter over petroleum, switch it up although shea butter is more expensive. Also, plain Vaseline is great for lips. Just get one of the large tubs. Add food dye for a splash of color to heighten up your lips.


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