Everything You Need for an Easy Halloween

Having three rambunctious boys (and an energetic husband), it's no surprise that Halloween is a big deal around our house. If you're caught up in the excitement too--or you just desperately need a cheap costume idea--here are some great sites to help.

Now that our oldest has gotten too old to want to dress up, it makes me all the more excited to help our other boys (and Bruce) assemble their costumes. This year, our littlest is dressing as a New York Giant, and our middle, some version of the Pillsbury dough boy. If your kids are still picking something out, check out these great kids' costume ideas from Real Simple, which are still simple enough to assemble before Halloween. If you're like me and haven't figured out what you want to be, check out this free e-book that gives you lots of costumes you can make from clothes purchased at your local Goodwill. As for Bruce, he'll be heading for YouTube for inspiration--I can't even imagine what he'll come up with (and almost don't want to).

Pumpkin Carving
Ever wanted to make one of those cool pumpkins that had a design on it rather than a face? Now you can, with Martha Stewart's pumpkin templates. Her site has more than 40 free designs, with links to print them out and use on your pumpkin. While you're prepping your pumpkin, make sure to save those seeds, which are both nutritious and super-tasty once they've been roasted. Or if you're truly adventurous, try this recipe for pumpkin seed brittle--great for dipping in hummus and other snacks.

Having a Party?
If you're hosting a Halloween party this year, check out our Halloween party tips on our new website, including cheap ways to create atmosphere and fun and easy games.

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